Wednesday, June 15, 2011

e-book Vs. Hard Copy

     I did it.  I couldn't wait to get to a store yesterday and buy a hard copy of Passion by Lauren Kate, so I bought the e-book using the NOOK app on my phone.

    Have you ever had this same problem?  To buy the hard copy or the e-book?  Isn't there a happy median?  How many books do you have BOTH of?  I'd have to say for me, if I have the book in my classroom (15 since 7 were stolen this year) then I also have the eBook, but not all of my eBooks are on my hard copy shelves (yet).  With some new reads this summer, my classroom shelf is growing.

     This is a topic I have asked many people about, so I figured what better place to get more opinions than my book blog!  I LOVE the feel of a hard copy book, not to mention that there is some feeling of accomplishment by filling up bookshelves with books that you have read or plan to read.  I adore those movies that have HUGE libraries filled from floor to ceiling with books.  However, most of the books I have come to enjoy are not small in size and therefore present space issues for storage and travel, enter the e-book.  With e-books, I can carry numerous books around without worrying about space or even weight it I'm flying.  Oh and not to mention that it's easier for me to bookmark eBooks and not have to worry about losing my place since my son loves to remove my bookmarks when I'm not looking thinking he's helped my find something I misplaced :) . 
     I have been wondering more recently, if book publishers have ever thought about selling a packaged deal, where you get the hard copy and a digital copy for one price.  Now I haven't figured out the logistics of it yet since they can't very well place the code in the book or untrustworthy people could just flip through and find it without purchasing the book.  None the less, I think it's an intriguing idea.

    Since I am a teacher, therefore on a budget, I have had to shift from buying ALL hard copies to buying hard copies of books that I could share with students in my classroom and buying the eBooks of ones that they may not be quite ready for.  Although, there are those that I just couldn't wait for and after reading the eBook I had to buy a hard copy so I could share it with my students and fellow book enthusiasts.  Of course with all the author signings that I have been attending, eBooks are impossible to have signed, so I get to add to my "accomplishment" pile with more hard copies. 

     Well, I think I've rambled on long enough, it doesn't happen too often, but I'd love to hear about your thoughts on eBooks vs. Hard Copys, because obviously the jury is still out for me.


  1. Hmmmm, I'm a cheapo so I usually only buy books unless they are going to be signed. I made good use of my library! Great question tho.


  2. I did a similar blog to this a few months back on getting an ereader but for me I love real books far to much to get ebooks. I think it feels like a waste of money because even if I manage to not get distracted by my pc,ipod,phone then if I like the book I'll want a real copy.

    Take Passion for example: the eBook cost $10 when the real book cost 9 on amazon or with a borders 40% off coupon I could walk in the store and pick it up. For me it's real books.

  3. Thanks ladies! I to have used those wonderful coupons from borders to get books at a great price. I've also taken advantage of my school library and checked out TONS of books, my awesome librarian even sent me home with a crate of books for the summer :)