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FORETOLD (Daughters of Saraqael Book Three)

FORETOLD (Daughters of Saraqael Book Three)
My Rating 5 stars
From the book:
“ ‘And so it will be strength, courage, wisdom and faith that bring them to us.  But it will be love – that of nothing-that will prove most vital to our future.’ “

My Thoughts:
If you haven’t already figured out from my reviews on BECOMING and CENTRAL, I LOVE these books!!  This was a roller-coaster end to one of my new favorite series.  

Skye is such a fun free spirited character that I LOVED (I know I use that word a lot) seeing her regain her confidence and faith in herself as well grow in her relationship with her family.  I don’t want to give away too much, so I’m trying to contain my excitement about this book.

FORETOLD starts off where CENTRAL left off.  After a disturbing event involving a mental attach on Skye by the Mercesti leader, the Elders agree to step up protections to prevent the event from happening again.  Once they see how successful that protection is for Central, it is recommended that Amber, Olivia, Skye, Gabriel, James, Caleb and the Elders travel to the homelands of the different Estilorian’s so they can be protected from the mental attacks of the Mercesti.  During their travels, Amber, Olivia, and Skye learn more about “The Great Foretelling” and the Foretold battle.  While things seem to be going smoothly, someone close to the Elders and the girls is betraying them and putting Amber, Olivia, and Sky in danger.

Of course, you can’t have a book about Skye without an amazing party! Which is done in true Skye fashion and that is all I can say about that J .  This is a nice break from the stress of the upcoming battle, I promise it comes at a great time; it flows beautifully with the story.  I love a great love story and happy endings, especially ones where the characters must overcome a few bumps in the road or battles to get there.  

FORETOLD is a breathtaking and enchanting story of forgiveness and love.  I was happy with how it ended, though I have been drawn into this world so much that I can’t wait for the next installment!

I hope you have checked out BECOMING, CENTRAL, and FORETOLD, if not, you can find them in eBook from the following locations:

Amazon Kindle                                  Barnes & Noble
Apple iBookstore                             Smash words
Diesel eBook Store                          Kobo

You can find the author, Raine Thomas on-line:
Goodreads: Raine Thomas

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