Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pen Fatale

My campus was lucky enough to host the authors of the Pen Fatale Tour! It was a wonderful experience for students and teachers alike.  The entire campus were able to see an interview with Alyson Noel, Gabrielle Zevin, Jessica Brody, and Mary E. Pearson on our school announcement/ news program, and they did a phenomenal job!  They not only described their books but they also discussed what they loved to read as a junior high student.  Or in the case of Jessica Brody, why she didn't like to read in junior high and how she overcame being a reluctant reader in college.  As a teacher I really enjoyed the realness of the conversation and how each author shared a little about where they came from. 

Here are some pictures from the event:
 Gabrielle Zevin, Mary Pearson, Me, Jessica Brody, and Alyson Noel
 The Pen Fatale Panel being introduced by Cathy from Blue Willow Books.

Jessica Brody, Alyson Noel, Mary Pearson, and Gabrielle Zevin

 Jessica Brody talking about how she was a reluctant reader in school and how she over came her reluctance.

 Mary Pearson talking about The Fox Inheritance.

 Gabrielle Zevin talking about life where chocolate and coffee are banned.

These ladies are wonderful authors and inspiring speakers.  I'd like to thank Blue Willow Books for making this event possible. 

Of course, I couldn't let a chance go by to get a few books signed. 
Here's my collection of signed Pen Fatale books:

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