Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stand Alone Reading Challenge

Not Afraid 4    I love trilogies and series, but as a mom and teacher sometimes it is difficult to find the time to complete series.  Not to mention that I have student's asking me to recommend stand alone books.  So when I happend across the Stand Alone Reading Challenge, hosted by Hafsah from IceyBooks and Britta from I Like These Books, I knew it would be a great challenge to join.  

The challenge is to read 15 Stand Alone books in 2012, and based off the Good Reads list they created I already had some on my TBR list!  My list is a little more than 15 and it may change if I discover that any are not going to be stand alone books.  Feel free to share any Middle Grades or YA stand alone books that are on your TBR list.

My List:


  1. Thanks for joining the challenge!

  2. oh boy, I am gunna look into all these!! I'm a series hound, but I just love a good book, so I'm ok with stand alones too :) thanks for this one!