Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What THEY are reading:

As a reader, there are books that I LOVE in a variety of genres.  While I have found some adult books I love, I mostly read and blog about YA books, authors, and events.  As a math teacher, I LOVE math, but shockingly many 7th graders don't share that love (I know you are shocked aren't you).  Before I started blogging I began talking about books I was reading or just finished reading and soon grabbed the attention of some students who didn't like math, but loved to read.  With all my book sharing and talking, I wondered "What do the students like to read?"  So I have set off on a mission.  To share with you the books that I've seen in the hands of MG & YA readers. 

What they took home for the Holiday break this week:

Did you see any of your favorites?

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