Saturday, December 24, 2011

Review: Sweet Venom

Sweet Venom
by Tera Lynn Childs

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

I’ve been excited about Sweet Venom since Tera mentioned the book at her Fins are Forever signing this past summer.  And I even had our NSYA book club add it as one of the books we read this year.  Having always enjoyed mythology, I could not wait to see what twist Tera had up her sleeve in Sweet Venom.  And I was NOT disappointed.

Medusa was not as bad as they say.  All that “she’ll turn you to stone” was just a rumor.  Medusa had children with a human creating a unique line of protectors.  Sweet Venom is about this generation’s descendants, who just happen to be triplets, Gretchen, Grace, and Greer.  Each sister has had a different upbringing and they are each quite shocked when they finally discover each other. 

Each chapter is told from the view of one of the sisters, which I enjoyed.  Most of the book is spent in Gretchen (the tough one who has been fighting monsters since she was 12) and Grace ‘s (the shy one with great adoptive parents) point of view.  Focusing on two if the three sisters for the majority of this book worked great with setting up the girls’ heritage and background lives without over loading you with information.  This made for an easy introduction of Greer and transition into more action. 

Sweet Venom covers all the bases: action, the idea of romances, and a little mystery.  Clearly the sisters are mythological creatures and there are appearances of a few others.  I think there may be others that have some mythological heritage even though it wasn’t mention in this book, their behavior lead me to that conclusion.  Now, to not spoil anything I won’t tell you who because I want to see if you can pick them out J

Sweet Venom rekindled my love of mythology!  This book is perfect if you like mythology themed books with action and mystery with a little love interest thrown in.  I recommend you add Sweet Venom to your To Be Read list.  And the ending….leaves you wanting more. 

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  1. i have not read this yet/ ;(

    great review

  2. I plan to read this one soon! Glad to hear you liked it :)