Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

   Happy New Year!  I am very excited to see what adventures await me and my family in 2012, 
as 2011 was quite interesting.  

2011 in Review:
January - I started grad school for Instructional Technology while still teaching 7th grade math
April - My little man turned 3 yrs old and we had his first party that wasn't just family, that was an experience!
May - Started my book blog after my friend Cari at Cari's Book Blog suggested it 
& my niece Lilly was born! 
June - Taught summer school, began summer session of grad school, and had my first meet & greet with the authors of the Chills & Thrills tour at Katy Budget Books.  And my niece, Elle was born.
July - I celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage with my hubby and we took a little family vacation to San Antonio & Wimberly
August - started my 8th year of teaching
September - Football season was in full swing, and I started my second full semester of grad school
October - My mom was put in the hospital and then various complications presented themselves along with way and after a few close calls and couple months later she is doing better.  And my niece Chloe was born. 
December - My Birthday month!  Finished my second full semester of Grad school with a 4.0! Mom started showing great signs of improvement the last week of the month she stood for 4 mins!! HUGE deal since she hasn't walked in a while and her back sores finally seem to be healing.

I'm made so many great friends in bloggers and authors over this past year that it would be too hard to put a timeline to all of the great events.  I cherish the friendships I've made this past year and look forward to what 2012 holds.

A look ahead at 2012:
I'll be starting my final full semester of Grad school in the next couple weeks with the goal of completing my internship this summer and graduating in August!  

I'm also looking forward to the Change Write Now challenge I signed up for that started today! 
Go Team Dauntless!!

I'm also looking forward to all the author events coming up this year in Texas and am very excited about so many debut and follow-up books that will be released.  

Wishing you and your family a blessed and prosperous year.  Live fearlessly as we only have one chance to live each day.  


  1. Happy new year! You have a busy year ahead! My little one turns ! :)