Sunday, February 5, 2012

~ Muscle Walk ~

     Flash back many years ago to when I was a junior in high school and a member of the student council.  I just happened to see a poster for MDA summer camp looking for volunteers and at that point I already knew I wanted to work with kids either as a teacher or therapist, well really I hadn't decided, I just wanted to help kids. So I filled out the application, went through the interview, and was accepted as a lifeguard.  It truly was an amazing week!  The campers, who I can't call kids because their age was 5-21 were wonderful and enjoyed LIVING like nothing could slow them down.  If you don't know much about the Muscular Dystrophy Association, read up on them, they help people who are treated with more that 40 different neuro-muscular diseases.

I could go on to describe how I kept going back to camp every year for 9 years and miss not going, but camp is not the focus of this post.  But one last thing:  If you know of any good hearted, strong person who is at least 16 yrs old, and would like to volunteer a week of their time, check out the MDA summer camps near you becuase they are always looking for amazing volunteers.

Ok, now back to the reason for this post, the Muscle Walk.  I first did the Muscle Walk back with it was Stride & Ride and held at another location.  Last year my previous involvement with MDA helped when my assistant principal was diagnosed with ALS.

So while I have walked in the past for all the campers I've met through my years at camp, this year I also add a friend to that list.  I'm asking you to make a donation to the Muscle Walk team I'm a member of, TEAM NINO.  Any donation would help as it all adds up and makes a difference.  The best part is that you don't even have to leave your computer to do it.  Just click on this LINK and follow the directions.

Muscle Walk Houston:
Saturday February 18th 
8am in the Galleria

Muscular Dystrophy does not discriminate based on age, race or gender.  Some see signs as early as 1-2 yrs of age and others not until they are in there 30-40's.  Please take a few minutes to help research, provide clinics for families to learn more about their loved one's disease and even send a kid to summer camp.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and thanks for donating to a wonderful cause!!


  1. When is this walk?? because I was wanting to participate if I still can..

    1. The walk is next Saturday, February 18th. at the Galleria