Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life and Memories

      Since my blog is Sarah's Books & Life, this post is about life.  This post is really more for me, it's kind of therapeutic to write about the woman who taught me to read and encouraged me in all my adventures and mishaps.  I'm so not a writer, nor is that in my current plan, but right now, writing about mom is one way I can keep her memory and spirit alive.  I can't believe it's been one month today that mom has been gone.   This first picture is Mom with my son the day he was born.  She was so very excited to be a "Nana".  Little did we know at that time that she would be diagnosed with Leukemia less than 2 months later.  It was very touchy then and it was a huge blessing that she was given 3.5 years to get to know Patrick.   

I do plan on keeping a journal of sorts where I write down little tidbits and memories as they pop into my head.  Like how excited and nervous for me she was when I decided to go to Europe on my own after my first year of teaching.  See, she had the chance to travel to Europe at the end of High School with a national honor band she was a member of and I remember hearing her talk about it and seeing her pictures growing up.  I was so excited to check the travel off my list.  I'm sure I racked up quite the phone bill as I would wait until I knew she was on her way to work and call her from where ever I was and we'd compare what it looked like know compared to what she remembered.  She even helped me locate the real chapel from the Sound of Music, not the large one in the movie but the one the real Maria was married in.  I will always cherish our talks then.  

Then there was my "random question" phone calls that started in college when I'd be at the store looking for something and couldn't find it.  So I'd call mom and say: " I've got a random question (enter mom's laugh here), if I were ______, where would I be?"  She never knew what I was going to come up with but it was fun and became a little game for us.  Later, it became random questions about baby stuff.   

I will always remember mom for her smile, passion for music and reading, and being there for us.  There are TONS more memories, but for now I'll find comfort in knowing she is no longer in pain and is looking out for us from above.  I can't apologize if I made you cry, because mom always told me crying was good because there are toxins in your body that can only leave through tears.  Rather she was correct or not, I'm going to believe that she was and know that a good cry once in a while is good for the soul. 

Dad, my niece Lilly, Mom & my silly son on Mom's birthday, Summer 2011

We are only here as long as we are needed and then we are called back to our heavenly home.  Mom did an amazing job while she was here and I know she is enjoying playing the French Horn and visiting with her mom, all while watching us grow from he best place in the world.  

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