Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reveiw ~ Airel

by: Aaron Patterson & Chris White
format: ebook
(paperback is 379 pages)
Released: August 2011

Summary from Goodreads:
All Airel ever wanted was to be normal, to disappear into the crowd. But bloodlines can produce surprises, like an incredible ability to heal. Then there’s Michael Alexander, the new guy in school, who is impossibly gorgeous…and captivated by her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she can hear the sound of pages turning, and another, older story being written. It is the story of an ancient family, of great warriors, of the Sword of Light, and the struggle against an evil so terrible, so far-reaching, that it threatens everything. Airel knew change would be an inevitable part of life. But can she hold on when murder and darkness begin to close in and take away everything she loves? Will she have what it takes when the truth is finally revealed?
My Review:  

     I received a copy of Airel for my honest review.  I’m a sucker for a pretty cover and the summary sounded like it was something that would interest me.  I also appear to be drawn to stories about angles and demons or those with a little paranormal twist. 

     Airel appears to be your normal teenage girl, but when the hot new guy shows up, she starts feeling weird.  Not just butterflies in her stomach because he is cute weird, no, more like the she can’t keep anything down weird.  Through a series of events Airel finds herself out on a date with Michael and then the action kicks up.  Their first date didn’t end like most first dates, and I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to give away too much. 

     Airel discovers she is meant for a greater purpose and has developed skills she never imagined.  Through emotional and physical challenges, Airel will have to figure out who she is and who she can trust.  Not only will friendships be tested, but love.  Can she forgive the ones she loves, even if someone betrayed her? 

     Throughout the book the chapters alternate from present day, Airel’s story, to Kreios’s story set in ancient BC.  It’s not every chapter that it switches and the back story is important to what is now going on in Airel’s life, though the cliffhangers that were left when it switched chapters left me holding my breath until I found out what happened next.  This switching times wasn’t bad, it just took some getting used to and like I mentioned it’s not every chapter. 

     Airel is a different take on the descendant of angels versus demons stories that I have read and I would recommend you give it a try.  Since summer is approaching, I’d suggest this as a great beach or road trip addition to your e-reader.    
My rating: 4 stars

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Publisher: StoneHouse Ink

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  1. Awesome review! I think I have this book on my kindle. Will have to check it out.