Monday, October 14, 2013

Review & New Cover: Only You

Have you ever loved a series so much you would re-read the first books to help fill the void until the next book came out?  Well, that's how I feel about The Mephisto Covenant books.  As each new one is released, I'm reminded again how much I love Stephanie Feagan's ability to paint a story.

The Mephisto Books (Original Covers):

     In case you've been hiding under a rock or swamped with life, the third Mephisto book was released a couple weeks ago under the title The Mephisto Mark.  Since this third book is more of a New Adult Paranormal Romance, the cover and title has recently been revamped.  So make sure to read past my review for the Shinny, New, HOT cover of ONLY YOU!

My Review:
     First, I love how this book is written in alternating first person, it makes me feel more connected to the main characters and what makes them tick.  There is also enough explanation of the Mephisto and their history to make this an easy read if  you haven't read the first two (and you should go pick them up NOW and read them because they are awesome!).  If you have read the first two, the history adds to what you already know and helps you understand Phoenix a little better.  Only You, features Phoenix who has a very tragic past when it comes to Anabo and is way to hard on himself.  Mariah is connected to the Mephisto in more ways than just her initial unexplained pull toward Phoenix.  You know that saying, "It takes one to know one", it describes a little about why Phoenix and Mariah act the way they do at times.  I've never met two characters whose tragedies make them so much alike and yet so different.  With Phoenix being, well, Phoenix, we get the chance to learn more about the other Mephisto brothers like Zee and Denys.  This glimpse into their personalities makes me even more excited for their stories.  While I'm not normally a huge fan of flashbacks, the part of the story that takes us back to when Phoenix met his first Anabo and the events that led up to her death are eyeopening and critical to understanding what makes Phoenix react the way he does.
     Only You deals with some dark topics: physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, but it's also about hope, love, and finding family in the most unlikely place.  I like how Mariah is still strong despite her terrible past and how she never lost her faith, even in her darkest hour.  If you like paranormal romance and are looking for at New Adult book to pick up then I highly recommend picking up Only You (formerly known as The Mephisto Mark).  

And since I promised you a look at the NEW cover for ONLY YOU aka The Mephisto Mark, here it is:

You can pick up Only You (aka: The Mephisto Mark) here:  

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