Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NSYA Bookclub July Reads

Well now that the month is almost over, I figured I should update what we are reading now.  We have chosen:
Forever was my pick because i LOVE Maggie and her Wolves of Mercy Falls!! I'm taking my time reading this one as it's always hard to see favorite characters story come to a close.  I'm about halfway done with Forever.

With buzz about The Help picking up, we decided to give it a try.  I'll admit I was a little nervous about picking this one because I LOVE YA so much.  However, after finally starting it, I am so far entertained and I am only about 50 pages into the book.  I decided to get this as an eBook from Blue Willow Bookshop since I didn't think that I would have it on my classroom bookshelf and book space at home is sparse. 

We are meeting again July 28th so I better get to reading!!  Which is hard because I keep reading about GREAT recommendations from others.  Alas, too many books, too little time.

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