Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kids time at Blue Willow Bookshop

It's summertime, so I get to spend a little more time with my little man, Patrick.  Since I've spent so much "me" time visiting Blue Willow Bookshop and Patrick's love of reading is growing, Brenda and I decided to take Patrick and her daughter Hannah for a little day trip to my favorite local bookstore!  Now the intention was to make it for Story time, but we had a little delay and just missed story time.

So here are a few pictures of Patrick's first trip to Blue Willow Bookshop:

It didn't take Patrick long to find the cute little reading chair!

Then it was time for cooking lessons with Hannah.

 More fun at Blue Willow Bookshop......He came home with a present for his little cousin and a Giraffe hand puppet he picked out. 

Patrick and Hannah waiting for lunch at Carl's Jr.
It was my first time at a Carl's Jr, and I LOVED it! 

We topped off the day with cupcakes!!  It was a great day for the kids and adults.
I'm hoping to actually make it to story time next week!

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