Monday, September 5, 2011

The ABC's of my weekend....

Authors, Books, Coffee & Cake! 
What else could ABC stand for? 

I had the pleasure of having lunch at the Empire Cafe with not one but three wonderful authors (and one of the author's sister) and two book bloggers.  Thank you Cari for making all the plans and inviting me!  Amy Dominy, author of OyMG was in town for a short trip with her son and was able to get away for a bit to have lunch with us.  As I mentioned above, there were three authors.
We were joined by two of Houston's own Joy Preble (author of Dreaming Anastasia & Haunted) and Christina Mandelski (author of The Sweetest Thing).
They were all super nice and the conversations were great.


 This was my first time to the Empire Cafe.  The food and coffee were wonderful.  I brought home a HUGE slice of cake to share with my guys.  I would recommend checking out this little cafe if you are in the area.  I really enjoyed visiting with everyone and learning more about their books and what projects they have coming up.  If you haven't checked out the Class of 2k11 authors yet, I highly suggest you do as they are an amazing group of people, and their books are equally wonderful.  
Excited to have the opportunity to visit with everyone was great and I was excited to have a couple books signed.  Then to top it off, Amy gave us each an OyMG t-shirt!  I can't wait to share the signed bookmarks with my students and librarian.  Don't worry, I kept a couple to include in a future giveaway (maybe when I reach 200 followers).  

Thanks Amy!

Pictures from our lunch:
 From L to R: Christina Mandelski, Amy Dominy, Me, Maria, Joy Preble, and Melinda.

Amy Dominy & Me

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  1. I had so much fun and I'm glad you came out! What a great group and coffee was so tasty!!!